Our September 2019 resolutions

By | August 28, 2019

I’m traveling in September, so I probably won’t be updating my resolutions chart on my blog regularly and I probably won’t be posting as regularly either.

But you should still do a resolutions chart because it’s the most fun you can have without a sloth. I imagine sloths are pretty fun. I don’t know why I think that.

Since I’m traveling, I printed out my resolutions chart on physical paper and will carry it around with me. That seems to work sometimes.

My theme for this month is social. I’m not going to be worrying about business or writing or meditation or fitness. I’m going to pretend to be an extrovert.

Social Resolutions

1. Say yes to everything.

I bet you get invited to a surprising number of things that you turn down. Me too. This month, I’m going to err on the side of doing versus not doing.

My introverted soul is whimpering pretty loudly right now as I need alone time to recharge, but I think this will be good.

2. While out and about, smile and make eye contact with people.

When I walk normally, I automatically ball my fists or cross my arms and move as fast as I can, concentrating on where I’m going and not on the journey. It’s just habit.

With this resolution inspired by the book How to be Luckier, I make myself go outside for at least twenty minutes a day and I smile and make eye contact with the world that passes me by. Then the world smiles back and chats and occasionally asks me to coffee.

It’s eye contact that makes a big difference. When I don’t have my extroversion resolutions on and I stay inside my head and I don’t acknowledge everyone else, conversations virtually disappear.

3. Operation Enjoy – go out and do something with someone you like every single day.

Operation Enjoy means I make plans to leave my house and do something every single day. I can be alone when I do this thing, but it must be out in the world.

4. Work out with other people.

Fitness resolutions

5. Workout (time/activity)
6. Break a sweat
7. Walk 10,000 steps

Writing resolutions

8. Morning papers

Business resolutions

9. Take a picture and put it on Instagram.

I got off Instagram a year ago and haven’t missed it, but I’m going to try it again like I tried Twitter in August. I think you have to experiment to make sure you still like and dislike the same things.

Meditation resolutions

10. Meditate for 24 minutes

My year of meditation is over, but I’m going to continue this resolution because I think it’s a good one.


What are your September resolutions?

6 thoughts on “Our September 2019 resolutions

  1. Miss Nomer

    I’d be interested to know how the smiling and making eye contact thing goes. Some people might think it a bit odd if a stranger looks at them and smiles for no apparent reason. (I guess you just might get away with it because you’re attractive – but do post in future to let us all know what happens.)

    1. Thriftygal Post author

      I’ve done it in the past and you do occasionally get unwanted attention. Men seem very emboldened by the smile and eye contact. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  2. Luke

    September Resolutions; Wake up and meditate. Focus my attention on my heart space. Ask my heart “What would I like to do right now?” Then do it. Live sponteanously for 1 month. See where it takes you.

    The problem with making plans and resolutions is I might wake up one day and not actually want to the do the thing I have planned. I’ll end up forcing myself to do that thing which will only lead to inner turmoil. Rather than living in the moment I’ll be focused too much on my goals

    Forget about any goals and purpose, life cannot have any purpose, life is the purpose.

    1. Thriftygal Post author

      Everyone has those days where they don’t feel like doing something. A successful person does it anyway.

      1. Luke

        It depends on your definition of successful. For example, someone could have a very ‘successful’ job but be utterly miserable.

        For me living a life in alignment with your heart is more valuable than societies emphasis on ‘success’.


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