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By | September 1, 2019

Say something on social media was a habit on my resolutions chart for approximately a week in August. After eight days, I realized, again, that I despise social media. The number of hearts I receive determined my mood more than I’d like. That’s a silly and unpredictable variant that I can cut out completely.

So I cut it out completely. I got a F on the resolution, tweeting seven times out of thirty-one days. Oh well.

Here are my tweets in case you’re not on Twitter.

August 1

I start my schedule on whatever day the first of the month lands on to reinforce that the days of the week mean nothing to me.

August 2

When I work out, I’m always, always, always in a better mood when I finish than when I started. Always. I want to rent a plane and broadcast this message in the sky as a reminder to myself, but I’m too cheap and worried about carbon emissions.

August 3

Use it or lose it. I want to keep it, so I use it.

August 4

I don’t watch much television because it makes me feel like I’m not living life. There’s nothing memorable about this time and it will all fade into nothing. I fall into a nothing hole of nothing.

August 5

I’m learning Spanish on Duolingo! Estoy apriendo* Espanol! Although, I think that phrase I just typed means I’m learning Spanish right this second and that’s a lie. I’m tweeting right now, bragging about my Spanish and then undermining my brag.

*I still need to practice as someone immediately pointed out, it’s actually aprendiendo.

August 6

Are you kicking ass at your resolutions so far? If so, I’m giving you my trademark thumbs up. I call it my trademark thumbs up, but I haven’t actually submitted any paperwork to a patent office.

August 8

If you need a little structure and encouragement, I hope I can help. God knows I need structure and encouragement and I can’t be the only one.

10 thoughts on “My social media posts

  1. Joel

    I had this idea of anti-social media. It’s just like social media in that you register an account but significantly less maintenance as both writing messages and sending friend requests are ban-able offenses and the only images you’re allowed to upload are black and white pictures of mud and exact copies of stock photos.

    The like button is replaced by a random number that will be assigned to every post you make. This has several advantages in that you don’t have to be famous to get a lot of likes and you know immediately if your post got a lot of likes because the computer can do the assignment in milliseconds without waiting for humans to click a button.

  2. Doug M

    Anita, I liked your tweets (I’m not on Twitter, I closed my account a couple years ago). In fact, I went to your Twitter page & began reading all your stuff, and looking at all the great pics of food & stuff, and listened to half your podcast, and clicked on your link ‘A letter to my dad’ from 2016 which brought me back here, kinda like the Circle of Life. I like your blog best 🙂

  3. Simon Kenton

    Took it down to the range and shot my last TV back in 82. It absorbed 7 from a .45 ACP and 6 from a .357 Magnum (a game warden friend helped). If we disaggregate my lifetime net spending into equal chunks, then that particular $1.75 for ammo, compared to all other $1.75s I have spent, had the greatest returns in saved time, undefiled mental acuity, and general life-long good humor. Consider: any time watching TV fills your mind with cittavrittis you will have to endure, recognize, acknowledge, and outgas the next time you meditate.

    1. Hernan

      I don’t have Twitter. I hardly ever use Facebook. I believe that social media is a big distraction from living your life. I rather read a book or talk to a real person.

  4. Bob

    Not having a TV is great. Never owned one since we moved out. The internet has everything. It also removes that weird focal point in your lounge where all the couches face a tv..


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