Updating Thrifygal’s Charts – June 2014

By | July 13, 2014

Well, it’s “winter” here in Australia, but temperatures in the mid-40’s aren’t enough to get me down. Sorry for the delay in posting this month’s charts. A busy few weeks at work and a tech problem are to blame.

I’m updating my charts for my goal of financial independence. Here is where I stood at the end of May 2014.

As of May 2014

June was another up month for the market and my net worth increased almost $19,000. I was hoping to decrease my expenses, but it was not in the cards and they actually went up from May. An unexpected medical bill that wasn’t reimbursed by my insurance and paying for utilities inched my blue line pathetically upwards. I have to pay for electricity and gas for my apartment, but I’m only billed quarterly, so I paid for February, March and April in June. I am charged nearly $0.44 cents per kilowatt-hour here in Sydney compared to the $0.14 I paid in Chicago. Ouch!

Here is where I stood at the end of June 2014.

As of June 2013

I love my current apartment, but it has perhaps one bedroom too many.

Here is how my current projected passive income stacks up against past expenses.

June 2013 with PPI

And, for kicks and giggles, here is my income line thrown in.

June Income, Expenses, PPI

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