Well, hello there!

You’ve stumbled onto my blog! Welcome! I’m Thriftygal, a 30-something gal who is thrifty. Clever, huh? Feel free to poke around and explore, but if you’re new and lost, I wrote a bit of a roadmap that may help guide you to my favorite and best posts.

Anita D

My bestie’s little sister picking me up at the airport years ago.

I assume I lured you here for the financial bits and now you’re enchanted with the idea of retiring in your teens (or earlier if possible) and you’re curious about the logistics. Fair enough. This is what worked for me. I adopted an attitude towards money; I paid off all my student loan debt; I decided on an investment strategy; I plotted my way to financial independence and eventually, I assuaged the anxiety monster.

Cool, that was fun. Now what?

Well, now I write! I have opinions on how to make friends, how to cross-off goals, how to fail at those goals, how to reassure my dad I’ll be okay and loads more. I’m memorializing my mom’s recipes; I’m seeing the world; I’m chasing the happiness highs and squeezing in as much joy as I can during my ride on this rock. And I am trying. I am always trying to make my life better.

I like lists and I do a lot of stupid operations. I like order and flexibility. I love the planning as much as the doing. And I love the writing. I am pretty sure that I was put here on earth to read things. I’m happiest when I’m reading something enjoyable. When I know that something came from me, I giggle and nestle deeper into the happiness. That’s why I’m here.

If you enjoy reading this as well, then, hooray! Let’s fist-bump and make explosion noises. Here’s my list of how you can dive deeper if you want to read more.

Ideas on how to read my blog

  1. You can read every article I’ve written from the beginning. I’m a bit embarrassed by some of the earlier ones, but I think I’m getting better with practice. Here they are in order of initial publication.
  2. If you only care about the financial bits, you can check them out here. A lot of the generic old ones do not spark joy for me.
  3. You can click on the “categories links” to sort based on your interests.
  4. You can put me on your Feedly and just read my latest ramblings going forward. I frequently reference past articles, so you can just click on an article or two that come up as they sound interesting. That’s what I do when I find a new blog.
  5. I feel like this list should be longer.