Life Bucket List Item #7 – Retire Early

I added “retire early” to my bucket list at a fairly young age. Only when I seriously started to tackle this goal though, did I realize how incredibly vague Teenage-Thriftygal was. Rather than quibble over the definition of “retire”, Late-20’s Thriftygal quantified this bucket list item as “Generate enough passive income to cover my expenses.”

I did and I wrote about it.

Thriftygal’s Journey

Whispering sweet nothings to the raging bull in NY.

Whispering sweet nothings to the raging bull in NY.

Not to brag, but I paid off $95,000 in student loans (in one year)

And then I decided to take a stab at early retirement

I stabbed it! Bucket List Item Complete. Woot!

This is where I spend my dinero

You can check out my page with all my monthly charts

My budget for Year 1 in Financial Independence

Why I don’t plan to buy Real Property anytime soon

There’s Room to Negotiate

Here’s a list of stuff I don’t buy

This is stuff that I believe adds negative value to your life.

Stuff I won’t judge you for spending money on

Stuff I won’t judge you for spending your money on because I also spend money on these items occasionally.

An item I don’t expect you to give up

An item you might not be able to give up

My cell phone bill is probably much smaller than yours.

Stuff that I don’t spend money on that doesn’t really fall into one category

Stuff that tugs at the heartstrings

Stupid Item/Scam #1

Stupid Item/Scam #2

How to think about money

John Cash (no relation to the singer) can be your great friend or a mortal enemy.

Compound Interest can also be a great friend or a mortal enemy.

How I used to shop for stuff

How I shop for stuff now

A few tips on motivating your financial avatar and another tip that I just threw in there.

The Power of Enough

The Power of Money

Use a visual aid. Visual aids rock.

A chart is a great visual aid. My favorite, in fact.

Want to read the emails I sent in negotiating pay?

A great old pamphlet from 1919 and my commentary on my favorite bits

How to buy something you decide you want

A rant about mail-in rebates

An old article that I should update because it’s my most popular – My thoughts on investing

The cast of characters in my financial world

Articles for early retirees

Health Insurance for Early Retirement

HSAs (Health Savings Accounts)

I helped a friend out with his finances.

You can read about his journey here.

You can read this if you’re bored, but I’m not tackling this project right now…(unless I know you in real life…maybe)