Thriftygal’s Review: The Simple Path to Wealth

I have a long list of things I love about retirement (of course) and consistently near the top lies “the ability to stay up as late as I want whenever I want.” If I find a book that’s engrossing, I can finish it – no delayed gratification like those annoying cliffhangers on television. So, when JL Collins sent… Read More »

Systems and goals

This may or may not be the last time I mention this book, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams, but he has a chapter that I’m pretty sure he wrote just for me. He’s all like, Thriftygal, …goal-oriented people exist in a state of nearly continuous failure that they… Read More »

Happiness Cliff Notes

It’s my duty to be happy. I can’t be the first one to think that. This is why I spend so much time gazing at my navel, contemplating how to make it so. There’s a lot of research out there, but here’s my takeaway so far: Thriftygal’s Cliff Notes on Happiness I. Necessary, but not sufficient: A… Read More »

How to feel in control

I mentioned recently that I enjoyed reading Scott Adam’s book “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big.” He has a fantastic chapter on setting your activities to your inner clock and I highlighted this a bunch of times. …the single biggest trick for manipulating your happiness chemistry is being able to do what… Read More »

On Chicago

I know I’m always yapping to you about how close friendships are important to happiness, but research shows that my yapping is vital. Life is better when you have pleasant interactions with people on a regular basis. That’s one of my “duh” realizations. I’ve been shoddy with my posting schedule this past week because I’ve been hanging… Read More »


I love your emails. I do. I know I haven’t replied to you or maybe I replied to you once, you replied back and then you never heard from me again. I’m terribly sorry. Please know that I’ve read it though and your kind words make my day, my week, my month, my life. Here… Read More »

Cabbage bhaji

I’m posting another recipe in Operation Learn to Cook Like Mom (and Occasionally Other Amazing Cooks I’m Related To). I learned this cabbage dish recently while staying with my aunt. She is the superheroine that makes the pav (POW!) bhaji recipe I posted. Ingredients 3/4 head of cabbage 1/2 large onion 4 thai hot peppers 1 cup… Read More »

Updating Thriftygal’s Charts – Jan-Apr 2016

There’s no good way to describe the first four months of the year. I’ve used “trimester” in the past, but oops, that only means three months. Quadrimester would be more technically accurate, but I find that word a bit pretentious. Google suggests “tertile,” which I would like if it were more widely-used or I had a good turtle joke.… Read More »

Thriftygal’s list of ways to get over someone

Before you ask, no, I’m not currently using any of these methods to get over anyone in particular. I am living the life I’ve always wanted to live with all my city and country hopping, but I have yet to figure out how dating fits into this new world order. I’m happy 90% of the time,… Read More »

Buttermilk Besan Recipe

Here’s another recipe in Operation Learn to Cook like Mommy Dearest. There are roughly a million varieties of this dish, but this is the best one in my opinion. According to my ma, it’s the dish that people in India whip up if unexpected company arrives because you always have the basic ingredients on hand. So, maybe… Read More »