Well, hello there!

You’ve stumbled onto my blog! Welcome! I’m Thriftygal, a 30-something gal who is thrifty. Clever, huh? Feel free to poke around and explore, but if you’re new and lost, I wrote a bit of a roadmap.

Anita D

My bestie’s little sister picking me up at the airport years ago.

I assume I lured you here for the financial bits and now you’re enchanted with the idea of retiring in your teens (or earlier if possible) and you’re curious about the logistics. Fair enough. I think the book I wrote is the best way to learn my particular methods.

You can check it out here.

If you don’t want to shell out any money to learn, no worries. I think that’s actually the right attitude. You can read a condensed, less edited version on my blog, but you’ll have to click around a lot. I suspect that you’re good at clicking, so it probably doesn’t bother you.

This is what worked for me.

  1. I adopted an attitude towards money.
  2. I paid off all my student loan debt.
  3. I decided on an investment strategy.
  4. I plotted my way to financial independence.
  5. Finally, and at long last, I retired!

Cool, that was fun. Now what?

Well, now I write! I am pretty sure that the universe put me here on earth to read things. I’m happiest when I’m reading something enjoyable. When I know that something came from me, I giggle and nestle deeper into the happiness. That’s why I’m here.

If you enjoy reading this as well, then hooray! Let’s fist-bump and make explosion noises.

Here are a few articles that people seem to like:

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  4. How to stop feeling old
  5. Surprising Finds About Retirement
  6. On Grit: It’s Not About Being Smart
  7. How to make friends

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So many options. What a time to be alive.