Well, hello there! (#1)

So you’ve stumbled onto my blog from the vast ethos that is the Internet. Welcome! Feel free to poke around and explore, but you’re probably here for the financial bits, so here’s that piece straight away.

This blog is a tool to keep me on track in life. I don’t work a conventional job anymore and I often worry that my true nature tends towards laziness. In an effort to combat my inner couch potato and perhaps to give myself some accountability, I decided to blog. From what I understand of blogging, I just write words here.

Sometimes the words will discuss money. Maybe the words will discuss travel or cooking. Maybe the words will discuss garbage. I do know the words will discuss lists.

Because I love lists. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I cross something off those lists. My friends tell me (in jest!….I think…) that my list-making is a sign of obsessive compulsive disorder. I do make a lot of them in my notebook. Here is a list of some of my lists.

Disclaimer: This is not me.

Let me show you my lists!

  • Daily To Do List
  • Weekly To Do List
  • Monthly To Do List
  • Nagging Tasks List
  • Life Bucket List
  • Australian Bucket List
  • South American Bucket List
  • Moving To Do
  • Operation Enjoy the Crap Out of Sydney Plans
  • Thank You Gift Ideas
  • Resolutions Chart

Each and every one of those lists is necessary and vital in making the world better and if I skip making a list even one single day, Hephaestus will destroy us all.

In all seriousness though, the point is, I don’t have OCD.

My favorite list is my Life Bucket List that I started cultivating when I was still in single digits and may be the focal point. If any of this sounds appealing, you can give me your email address (check out the link on the right) and I’ll email you when I post something new. If none of this sounds appealing, that’s understandable too.