The story of Leif

By | October 6, 2013

Leif* is a brilliant, handsome, creative and fun guy in his late 20’s. He finished graduate school with a lucrative and stable degree in 2009 and quickly found a job. He works as an independent contractor and his accountant opened an S Corporation for him a couple of years ago.

Leif is as scattered in his personal life, as he is talented in his professional life, and though he was slowly making progress on his $164k in student loans, he had to drain his savings account each year to pay his taxes and never felt like he was getting ahead.

Read about Leif’s financial turnaround!

Week 1: Know Your Worth

Week 2: Where has your money gone?

Leif’s Dilemma: A vacation?

Week 3: The diagnosis and fun with charts !!

Week 4: What’s possible

*not his real name. Or is it?


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