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February 2017

Chivda recipe

How to get to 10,000 steps

January 2017

Surprising Finds About Retirement

Brown Chutney Recipe

Thriftygal’s Book Reviews; January 2017

Bhel Recipe

Updating My Chart; September – December 2016

How to write a book when you’re retired

My Middle East Bucket List

December 2016

Wanga bhaji recipe

On Grit: It’s not about being smart

Thriftygal’s California Bucket List

Tomato bhaji recipe

How much is your cell phone bill each month?

Wanga bharit recipe

November 2016

Green chutney recipe

Thriftygal’s Book Reviews: November 2016

The News Illusion

October 2016

Thriftygal’s Anchorage Bucket List

Let’s all start biking everywhere

Thriftygal’s Book Reviews: October 2016

FAQ about my precious VTSAX

How to thoughtfully spend on your hobbies

September 2016

Updating Thriftygal’s Charts: May-Aug 2016

Khir Recipe

Being poor is expensive

Pohe recipe

How to show your love and oh, this is why I’m single

Oosurd recipe (a.k.a. sabudana khichadi)

Finding a mate is a logic game

August 2016

Thriftygal’s Biodata

Cauliflower bhaji

On empathy

July 2016

The Imposter Syndrome and how to beat it

How to travel thriftily

Bucket List Item Complete! Be on TV Once

On Depression

June 2016

Systems and goals

Thriftygal’s Review: The Simple Path to Wealth

Thriftygal’s Guide to Garage Sales

May 2016

Thriftygal’s list of ways to get over someone

Updating Thriftygal’s Charts: Jan-Apr 2016

Cabbage bhaji


On Chicago

How to feel in control

Happiness Cliff Notes

April 2016

A hack for frequent travelers

A Letter to my Dad

Spinach bhaji

Bucket List Item: Be a Waitress

Operation NYC

Change your attitude, change your world

Thanks, Trent

Buttermilk Besan Recipe

March 2016

Thriftygal’s 2016 Budget

Will tap dance for feedback

Why I don’t plan to buy Real Property anytime soon

Personify Money Concepts to Entertain Your Financial Avatar

Timeshare Presentations: Throw your financial avatar into a cage match

Pyramid Schemes: A lobotomy for your financial avatar

How to make friends part II

Call and ask for a discount

Create a Help-Your-Family Packet

February 2016

Last post on spending habits draining your net worth unless I can think of other purchases to vilify

Spending habits draining MY net worth

Buy used to bulk up your financial avatar

Mail-in Rebates are Stupid

There’s Room to Negotiate

Thrift takes you up the ladder; Waste brings you down

The power of money

I thought of more items you spend money on that I don’t

Thriftygal’s Travel Tips

January 2016

Peanut chutney recipe

Tips on how to turn dreams into goals

Yogurt Recipe

More thoughts on how to turn dreams into goals

Pav Bhaji Recipe

Thriftygal’s Packing Tips!

Upma Recipe


December 2015

How to make friends

Kadhi recipe

My new cheap cell phone plan by Google Fi

Thecha Recipe: A spicy, flavorful chutney

Updating Thriftygal’s Charts: November 2015

Potato Bhaji Recipe

November 2015

Calculate the real price

Build Your Own Financial Independence Chart and Updating Thriftygal’s Charts: October 2015

Motivation On Your Financial Journey

October 2015

Health Insurance for early retirement

Go check your credit report

Updating Thriftygal’s Charts: September 2015

Before you shop, consider the externalities

Have you heard of this HSA thing?

September 2015

Bucket List Item Complete: Retire Early!

Calling for guinea pigs

Writers write

The Power of Enough

April 2015

Updating Thriftygal’s Charts: March 2015

March 2015

Updating Thriftygal’s Charts: February 2015

February 2015

Updating Thriftygal’s Charts: December 2014 and January 2015


December 2014

Updating Thriftygal’s Charts: November 2014

November 2014

Updating Thriftygal’s Charts: October 2014

October 2014

Updating Thriftygal’s Charts: August and September

August 2014

Updating Thriftygal’s Charts: July 2014

July 2014

Updating Thrifygal’s Charts: June 2014

June 2014

Updating Thriftygal’s Charts: May 2014

May 2014

Updating Thriftygal’s Charts: April 2014

Thriftygal’s money blunder

April 2014

How I paid off $95,000 of debt in one year

Updating Thriftygal’s Charts: March 2014

March 2014

Updating Thriftygal’s Charts: February 2014

February 2014

Updating Thriftygal’s Charts: January 2014

January 2014

Updating Thriftygal’s Charts: December 2013

Yet more habits draining your net worth

You can’t manage what you don’t measure


December 2013

More habits draining your net worth

Updating Thriftygal’s charts: November 2013

Cars: The huge habit draining your net worth

November 2013

Updating Thriftygal’s charts: October 2013

Cash: Kick-Ass Servant, Cruddy Master

Spending habits that drain your net worth

October 2013

The story of Leif

Leif Week 1: Know Your Worth

Leif Week 2: Where has your money gone?

My retirement plan in charts

Leif’s dilemma: Vacation

Leif Week 3: The diagnosis and fun with charts !

You manage what you measure

Leif Week 4: What’s possible

Cat Interlude

Thriftygal’s Money Strategy

Compound Interest: A Powerful Friend or a Terrifying Enemy (Your Choice)

A new way to shop