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Narcissistic navel-gazing on how to make myself happy and how I’ve succeeded and where I’m struggling.

How to travel thriftily

By | July 18, 2016

I don’t know if I’ve told you this already, but I kind of like to travel. In fact, travel is the budget hole where the vast majority of my expenses wanders into. I think. I don’t actually track my spending, so I don’t know for sure. I don’t have a really great system on finding deals,… Read More »

The Imposter Syndrome and how to beat it

By | July 11, 2016

Some intrepid reporters interviewed me last week and, in turn, my babbling appeared in different locations around the internet. As a result, my stats are booming. The Twitter thing keeps chirping at me. I fear that my email inbox is now insurmountable with too many messages I would like to reply to, but only 24 precious… Read More »

Thriftygal’s Guide to Garage Sales

By | June 27, 2016

I love the house where I grew up and where my parents still hang out, but there’s one area that I’ve long-despised. My parent’s basement: the birthplace of generations of spiders and my hatred of junk. Dad thinks every piece of paper deserves consideration. Mom used to work in retail and couldn’t resist a deal. My… Read More »

Systems and goals

By | June 6, 2016

This may or may not be the last time I mention this book, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams, but he has a chapter that I’m pretty sure he wrote just for me. He’s all like, Thriftygal, …goal-oriented people exist in a state of nearly continuous failure that they… Read More »

Happiness Cliff Notes

By | May 30, 2016

It’s my duty to be happy. I can’t be the first one to think that. This is why I spend so much time gazing at my navel, contemplating how to make it so. There’s a lot of research out there, but here’s my takeaway so far: Thriftygal’s Cliff Notes on Happiness I. Necessary, but not sufficient: A… Read More »

On Chicago

By | May 23, 2016

I know I’m always yapping to you about how close friendships are important to happiness, but research shows that my yapping is vital. Life is better when you have pleasant interactions with people on a regular basis. That’s one of my “duh” realizations. I’ve been shoddy with my posting schedule this past week because I’ve been hanging… Read More »

Thanks, Trent

By | April 25, 2016

I mentioned recently how a drop of water told me to change my attitude, so now instead of despairing about not being as good as everyone else is at everything, I feel relieved that so many sophisticated people are working on life’s problems, thinking about how to make things better and sharing their knowledge. Think of the possibilities! Maybe humanity is not completely screwed after… Read More »

Change your attitude, change your world

By | April 21, 2016

This motivational poster told me that changing my attitude would change my world. Or something. I don’t remember the exact words. It was a close-up of a drop of water. Or maybe a sunset? Regardless, the motivational poster was right. Outlook is everything. I used to despair when I would do research on an article and notice how many other people have… Read More »