Bucket List Item Complete! – Be on TV Once

By | July 19, 2016

Oh, hey, I was on TV!

Retire in your 30s? A former Chicago-based lawyer did just that and says you can too!

I can’t bear to watch this, but I did throw my hands up in the air after I crossed the item off my bucket list. By my estimation, I’m at about minute 13 of my 15 minutes of fame. Wheeee!

Life is so awesome, no? The best part of this whole thing is that I’M NOT SPECIAL! You can do this too. Just remember what’s important to you and what brings you joy and focus on that. Don’t buy the crap. Invest in your time and yourself. I know you know this and just need the occasional reminder poke. This is me poking you.


25 thoughts on “Bucket List Item Complete! – Be on TV Once

  1. jlcollinsnh


    Could those two interviewing you be more clueless?

    But you handled their inaneness very well. 🙂


  2. KangSik Seo

    Wow wow.
    I should practice the skype interview right now.
    I can do it, we can do it!


  3. Darren

    First off, awesome interview! Congrats on crossing that item off your bucket list! I have to agree with JL Collins: those two didn’t have a clue. Glad to see the word on FI is getting out to the mainstream.

    PS: Mr. Collins if you’re reading this I just finished your book and it was awesome : )

  4. Rajen

    you go girl ! enjoy living the dream…i forwarded the story to my nieces and nephews…

  5. Jing

    Great Job, Anita! It was very interesting to watch you. I really enjoy reading your blog and am working towards my own early retirement.

    Unfortunately, most of the general population are not financially educated so I think it’s a good thing that the news anchors asked the simple/basic questions to help them understand early retirement.

    Best of luck on your adventures!

  6. Harmony

    Way to go! That’s exciting. I also agree with the above comments that the hosts seemed completely clueless, but you answered them so well.

  7. bahatinda

    Hi Anita,
    I used to work as a news anchor on TV and I can tell you that you did well on that interview. You were clear, concise, informative and you had fun. Good going girl! Susan

  8. Murty

    Great interview on WGN and congratulations on crossing off of one more bucket item!

  9. Carrie

    Great interview. As a native Chicagoan, it was great to see you on WGN. I do love Larry & Robin, but agree they don’t have a clue. They are just like the most Americans when it comes to spending & money.

    Thanks for takin nag the time to blog.

  10. Srishti

    Congratulations on cutting one more item off of your bucket list!!

    I came across your story and blog a few days ago, and it has really inspired me to start investing and saving. Love all the information and links that you provide. Could you suggest some books for someone who is just starting to get into the investment world ?

  11. Alex9803258722

    That’s awesome! Interesting how much the reporters question seem to portray the general mainstream misunderstandings about FIRE.

  12. banyanbat

    Awesome! I will add one item to my bucket list : “Interact with someone who has been on TV” and mark it as complete now 🙂

  13. Alex9803258722

    Random comment: I love these randomly assigned little goofy avatar things.

  14. Ally

    You did a great job on that interview, Anita, and you got more publicity for your blog! If I had interviewed you, I would have asked to see your income vs expense chart, but I like that you at least got in there that you’re doing fine/great on 20+ k a year, while still staying at a swisshotel.

  15. Classical_Liberal

    Friggen awesome!

    Props #1 on getting in a comment about alien invasions… I alway consider aliens a prerequisite subtopic of all financial independence conversations.

    Props # 2 on an excellent job turning around the invariable “normal people cant do this” objections they threw at you.

    Goal of commenting on the blog of someone who has been on TV… check

  16. Renan

    First of all, I have to agree with Alex. Curious to see my avatar after I post this comment.

    Second of all, you were awesome on TV! If I didn’t knew that was your first time, I swear I’d think you do this often.

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  18. walter

    A great interview Anita. consider doing your next interview on a yacht over looking the Rhine, in a plush monogrammed robe, sipping a tall flute of Moet Chandon Champagne and sporting ‘yuge’ diamond earrings. checking off a bucket list item in this manner sure beats the alternative, say for instance, being on America’s Funniest Home Videos or America’s Most Wanted. congrats!


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