Brown Chutney Recipe

By | January 6, 2017

The classic appetizer you’ll always find in Indian restaurants is the samosa. It’s a fried ball of dough with peas and potatoes and spices and such inside. No, I’m not giving you the recipe for that.

On the side of the samosa, most places will give you a couple of chutneys to eat, a spicy one and a sweet one. I’ve shared with you the recipe for the spicy one already. Today is the sweet one. Brown chutney. Sweet chutney. Both descriptive and accurate names.

There are a few ways to make this. The easy way and the harder way. The easy way, first.


  • A bottle of apple butter
  • 7 tablespoons of lime juice
  • 1/2 tsp each of
    • garam masala
    • onion seeds
    • cayenne pepper
    • salt
    • coriander powder
    • cumin powder
  • 1/4 cup of brown sugar


1. Buy a bottle of apple butter.

2. Open it.

3. Pour into a pot on the stove.

4. Put the stove on medium heat.

5. Fill the empty bottle with water. Swirl the water around in the bottle to get all the apple butter.

6. Dump the water into the pot.

7. Add in the spices and the lime juice.

8. Cook for ~10 minutes. Until it’s boiling.

9. Stir occasionally.

10. Eat with samosas. Or potato sandwiches or thai warrah. Or behl puri. I haven’t given you the recipes of any of these dishes, huh? Next week I’ll give you the recipe for bhel.

The hard way involves dates, tamarind, brown sugar and a lot more time. My mom says it’s kind of a pain to make it the hard way so she doesn’t see herself doing it anytime soon. So maybe just do the easy way and call it a day.

7 thoughts on “Brown Chutney Recipe

  1. tt

    Why do people like your writing style?

    “No, I’m not giving you the recipe for that.”

    “1. Buy a bottle of apple butter.

    2. Open it.

    3. Pour into a pot on the stove.”

    Anyone can provide recipes… you make us laugh.

    As well as provide a look into what your mom thinks of your kitchen credibility.

    Most excellent.

      1. tt


        you disseminate wit, wisdom, recipes for treats both sweet and savory as well as contribute to financial literacy; the least i can do is ‘get it.’

        If memory serves, you are too impatient for film… the 80’s classic “big trouble in little china’ does come to mind tho:

        Jack Burton: I don’t get this at all. I thought Lo Pan…
        Lo Pan: Shut up, Mr. Burton! You are not brought upon this world to get it!

        you keep delivering, i’ll keep trying!

  2. Marsha

    Love your blog! Love your travels, love your recipes, love your candidness 🙂


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